About us

DMS is created by enthusiasts from the decorative industry, whose mission is to offer modern, elegant as well as functional solutions in very good quality at the most affordable price.

We have been operating in the decorating market for over 20 years. Our experience and contacts have resulted in a collection of products for those who want to create something individual.

We follow the interior design market, looking for new ideas, inspirations and solutions. We want everyone to be able to create an interior that meets their needs while concurrently representing the latest styles and trends.

DMS products are delivered to more than 1000 retail outlets across Poland offering decorative and construction products to their customers.

Change your surroundings with us with ease and pleasure.

Business philosophy

  1. Less is more – our goal is to generate as much turnover as possible per area unit with an optimal rather than maximum number of products.
  2. We take responsibility for our mistakes – we replace products that do not rotate well.
  3. We offer our customers products that have passed the sales testing phase.
  4. We differ beautifully, that is why we offer a selected assortment suitable for particular chains, their assortment policy and specific customers.
  5. We deliver our assortment to 1000 DIY stores in Poland and to wholesalers in Europe and Africa.
  6. We have a permanent warehouse base and the ability to quickly and flexibly adapt the space to the current needs.


  1. We always communicate: we talk in five languages.
  2. We look for solutions, not problems.
  3. We act quickly and efficiently and are experienced enough not to make mistakes.
  4. Decoration Fashion Style is our passion, we inspire those interested in interior design as well as those less interested.
  5. We are prepared to succeed together.