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We all want our surrounding interior to have its own climate. We select the furniture, type and colours of the floors and walls. It is also worth choosing the right accessories, thanks to which our home will gain its individual style. DMS would like to present a wide range of stucco and finishing products, which will give your interior the expected appearance.


When selecting products for our offer, we focus on current trends, but the quality and functionality of the offered products are also important to us.


With our products you can express your style, character and mood. You will avoid banality and your home will be different than all the others.

Our offer

Decorative ceiling mouldings

are made of foamed polystyrene (EPS). The mouldings have a perfectly smooth decorative side comparable to the smoothness of products made of polyurethane or even gypsum. Available patterns and forms give the intended effects in interior design and painted with acrylic paints lend the interior an individual character.

Smooth ceiling mouldings

are made of extruded polystyrene (XPS). The mouldings have a perfectly smooth decorative side comparable to the smoothness of products made of polyurethane or even gypsum. Available patterns and forms give intended effects in interior arrangements when painted with acrylic paints giving the interior an individual character.

CLASSIC 3D ceiling panels

are made of foamed polystyrene with an embossed pattern to be placed on the ceiling. This economical solution is ideal for masking surface imperfections and the decorative side will please the eye every day.

STANDARD decorative 3D ceiling panels

are made of polystyrene foamed inside the mould. This technology allows obtaining coffers of higher quality and thickness, with more distinctive patterns. They are dedicated to both ceilings and walls.

EXCLUSIVE decorative 3D ceiling panels

are manufactured from polystyrene film in the following variants: coloured or white. Colours can for example: imitate the grain and colour of wood or patterns of popular wallpapers.

LUX decorative 3D ceiling panels

are ceiling coffers made of polystyrene covered with decoratively embossed polystyrene film. They are thick and fleshy, it is very difficult to leave a trace or dent on them. They do not require painting and are fully washable.

3D wall panels and decorative stone and brick

is a supplement to the wall coverings offer, dedicated to more demanding customers. Exactly reproduced forms, beautiful patterns and high quality of workmanship ensure that you can enjoy a cozy interior for a long time. These products are available in larger sizes.

PVC wall panels

made in 48cm by 96cm formats are an interesting solution for economical wall covering with a material other than foamed polystyrene products. Their intended use is mainly in the kitchen and bathroom. These products offer almost photographic reproduction of patterns and colours. They also allow quick and easy self-assembly. They do not separate from the walls, and keeping them clean requires only wiping with a damp cloth.

Skirting boards and wall mouldings

are made of hard polymer. They are characterised by virtually unlimited humidity resistance and high durability. Some elements can be used to frame doorways or create wall panels.

Ceiling medallions

are a special decorative element. Placed above the lamp they lend the interior elegance, fulfillment and refined taste. The diversity of designs will make both classic and modern interior enthusiasts satisfied.

Beams, consoles & accessories

these are copies of natural wood beams. They are used as a decorative element of walls, ceilings in living quarters as well as in hotels and restaurants. The use of beams and consoles makes it possible to feel the warmth of a natural interior.

Façade profiles

are architectural elements manufactured by us from foamed polystyrene covered with a layer of fine silicate plaster. They are designed for external assembly giving the entire building a dignified character.

Glues and insulation materials

are a complement to the whole offer. By testing various types of assembly methods we have created optimal adhesive formulas for our products. Owing to this, we can recommend their use with a clear conscience, thus ensuring a guarantee of the durability of the assembly work performed.

Corkboards and clip frames

a corkboard is a very popular product used in schools, kindergartens, offices and private homes. It is often used to attach photos, work plans and timetables. A very useful product with many functions. A clip frame is a fashionable interior decoration element, used for hanging photos, pictures.

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